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Welcome to Neiman Enterprises' Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Database. In steadfast dedication to fostering a workplace culture centered around safety and environmental responsibility, and in strict adherence to the Hazard Communication Standard (HazComm) outlined in 29 CFR 1910.1200, we take great pride in providing open public access to our comprehensive SDS database. This undertaking is a pivotal aspect of our commitment to the Right-to-Know policy, ensuring that all stakeholders, including our valued employees, customers, and the wider community, can readily access crucial information regarding the properties, handling, storage, and potential hazards associated with the chemicals we employ. Our overarching objective is to champion a secure and well-informed environment, equipping individuals with the knowledge essential for the responsible management of chemical-related risks. We extend an invitation to you to explore, download, and leverage these resources, demonstrating your dedication to safety and the judicious handling of chemicals.

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Safety Data Sheet

- Database


Safety Data Sheet

- Wood and Wood Chips


Environmental Manager

Matthias Barton
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