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A fourth-generation family business dedicated to the environment and quality products.

The continued growth and survival of Neiman Enterprises depends on maintaining healthy forests. To achieve this, we are an active member with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This important initiative is dedicated to maintaining and preserving forests not only for industries dependent on timber, but also for private and public landowners.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry not only insures the long term stability of our company, but also guarantees future resources through a cycle of renew-ability. We will continue to strive toward advances in renewable energy and value-added products to meet the demands of our markets while maintaining a healthy environment.

Neiman Enterprises is committed to cultivating and promoting a culture of inclusion and growth. As an organization, we grow and learn from each other’s experiences and diverse backgrounds. Employees are the heart of our company, as we fully support knowledge, innovation, expression, and differences that make us stronger as a team.


We value all walks of life. Our company was built with the understanding that all people are created equal, without reservation towards those with less education, a difference in culture, ethnicity, race, color, sex, gender identity, nationality, age, veteran’s status, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.


We know the value of our employees and are committed to protecting the workplace they reside within.