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Pine pattern


Transform Your Home With The Natural Beauty Of Pine Paneling

Pine paneling is a popular choice for home decor because of its attractive natural grain and color. It adds warmth and character to any space, and can be used to create a rustic or traditional look, depending on the finish and installation.

Ponderosa Pine, in both knotty and clear grades, is available in a wide range of paneling patterns. Many patterns are reversible, offering a choice of pattern or surface finish in a single panel. However, it's important to remember that paneling boards are inspected and graded on the patterned or face side; the back or reverse side may have characteristics which would make it a lower grade, but desirable for a specific design effect.

Most lumber dealers carry a limited selection of paneling patterns in stock, but can special order any of the standard patterns. Some dealers will arrange to have a unique pattern custom milled.

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