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Message From Jim Neiman

The continued growth and survival of Neiman Enterprises is dependent on maintaining healthy forests. To achieve this, we are a certified participant of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. This important initiative is dedicated to maintaining and preserving forests not only for industries dependent on timber, but also for private and public landowners.

Neiman Enterprises is not only focused on stability and growth for future generations, but also on the quality and sustainability of the products we sell. By maintaining healthy forests, our suppliers will be able to depend on us to provide high quality lumber and by-products well into the future. With our acquisitions of Spearfish Forest Products, Heartland Pellets, Montrose Forest Products, and Gilchrist Forest Products, we have shown our commitment to the responsible use of natural resources.

Our pellet mills not only diversify our product mix, they provide an outlet for our by-products including chips, sawdust, and shavings. The pellet mills are a great source of renewable energy for our customers and their end users. In addition to our contribution to the renewable energy sector, Montrose Forest Products produces a premium, highly-regarded, ESLP stud produced from trees killed by the mountain pine beetle that would otherwise stay in the forest as a large-scale fire danger. Producing a high quality product from an otherwise worthless resource is very beneficial to the health of our forests and the sustainability of the wood products industry.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry not only insures the long term stability of our company, but also guarantees the future resources through a cycle of renewability. We will continue to strive toward advances in renewable energy and value-added products to meet the demands of our markets while maintaining a healthy environment.

-Jim Neiman

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